Saturday, December 24, 2011

Swami Vivekanand said:
Thy love I fear.
Thy knowledge, man! I value not.
It is Thy love that shakes my throne.
Brings God to human tear
For love, behold the Lord of all
The formless, ever free.
Is made to take the human form
To play and play with thee
What learning, they of Vrinda’s groves
The herdsman, ever got?
What science, girls that milked the kine?
They loved and me they bought.

Let us be righteous, courageous and love him and his creatures. God alone knows his mysterious divine play. We are part of that play. Let us drink the wine of love of God instead of alcohol and drugs as God dwells in everyone to test the truth of it. Each one has to eat and drink for oneself; much more think for oneself, so one has to think, feel and enjoy the bliss of God.
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