Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Believe God the sincerest friend

God is the storehouse of Power and Knowledge. He is our best friend and best lover. He is ever ready to do the good. The moment we develop true faith in Him, our weakness disappears; fear run away and unfavourable circumstances take a favourable turn.
As soon as we develop this belief in God's justice and truth, fear disappear from our heart and feel that we are living under the sheltering wing of the inconceivable Supreme Power. Our heart gets watered by the nectarean stream of God's auspicious and blessed knowledge. Zeal of the Sattvika kind emerges.
We just have to believe the existence of God.
Believe it: our life turn a new leaf, once we develop faith in the friendliness of God. Unrest and uneasiness transformed into constant peace. Selflessness changes into disinterested service. Intolerance turns into tolerance, generosity. Pride is turned into humanity, ill-will into goodwill, criticism into appreciation, hatred into love. We found world full of friends and well-wishers.
Believe it that  as soon as we develop faith in God begging of him will at once cease. Then, it will be impossible to say, "Lord! satisfy my this or that desire, bring success. Believe in God, we will discover nothing but goodness and blessed.
A man of true faith remains contended with whatever duties are placed before him by God, with means given for doing the same, as well as with the fruits of such acts. Actuated by desire, selflessness and pride, the man of faith never acts as a fool to put obstacles in God's way by thrusting his own opinions. On the contrary, he follows with pleasure the path laid down by God, even though it may appear quite unfavourable, and accepts in a referential spirit every gift coming to him from God.
Believe it that God alone possess completely and truly the knowledge of wherein lies, and what constitutes our true good, when, how and by what means that true good can be realized and whether it is in our interest to realize it quickly or at some distant date. On our part, there may be many occasion when we regard very evil as good and want to realize it at such a time, in such a manner and by such means, that can never contribute to our welfare. Our clouded visions fails to see the reality. Just as a child out of ignorance jumps to catch hold of fire or a snake regarding them as object of beauty and so men run after harmful things of the world.

But when we, like a small child dependable on mother surrender ourselves with complete faith to God, and hands over to God the entire responsibility for our security and satisfaction of worldly needs, God himself decides for us what is good and when and by what means we should get it and just at the right time supply us the auspicious things.
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