Monday, April 11, 2016

Shun the Anger

Youth are synopsis with energy, enthusiasm, aggression, hot temper and anger. They get angered on smallest issues and even without provocation, when they find the issues going against them.
The anger is our biggest enemy and we should aloof our enemy so that we are not harmed by our enemy. During anger we lost our sense of good thinking and judgment and often misjudge the situation and commit errors or even blunders. When we are calm and cool, we concentrate on our thinking to get best of the situation and win over the worst situations.
We can easily visualize the situation, whether we are entrepreneurs or in service, anger can cost us deadly. When we are in service, we should control ourself and should never show our dissident to our superior. We should refrain ourselves to utter any remarks in anger, it may cost our job. Similarly If we are boss, we should also refrain from shouting on juniors. Junior can leave the job and valuable, reliable assistant, worker will be lost. It hampers the future prospects. These type of incidents create negative images in public.
Similarly when we are entrepreneurs, we should use words judiciously while dealing with negotiations or public dealing and keep our emotions, anger in control. Any wrong action in anger time may cost us an important deal.
We should learn from Indian cricket team captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni is known as Mr. Cool. He is youth icon and remains cool and calm on cricket field even during worst and unfavourable situations. His coolness and calmness had steered Indian team to overcome the difficult situations and emerged winner.
A very short educating story illustrates the importance of calmness and coolness and shunning the anger.
A farmer named Balu lived in a village had a ten years old son, whose name was Gopal. Gopal was hot tempered and got angered on every occasion. He tried to kick every little or big things while talking and ready to fight with each person. Balu tried his best to control Gopal's anger but was not successful.
One day, Balu gave a hammer and bag full of nails to Gopal and advised him to wedge a nail in the tree near the house whenever he in angry or full of frustration. Balu told his son Gopal to come to him for advise on that day, when he did not wedged a single nail in the tree.
On the first day, Gopal hammered thirty nails into the tree. But gradually, number of nails he fixed in the tree began to decreased. From thirty per day to twenty, ten, five and one day Gopal did not fixed a single nail in the tree. On that day Gopal went to his father.
"Dad, today I have not fixed any nail in the tree. Now I think that my anger has subsided and I am not distracted or confused. I feel focused and feel afresh."
Balu embraced his son Gopal and said "My dear son Gopal, I am extremely happy to hear from you that you have controlled your anger. Now let us go to the tree to remove all nails wedged in the tree."
Gopal removed all nails wedged by him in the tree.
"Now look carefully the tree, you are seeing holes on the spots, you wedged the nails. Even after removing nails, holes are there and it will take time to be filled up."
Gopal looked at his father.

Father Balu continues "You have controlled your temper, it's great.  You must control anger. You see the holes on the tree in anger, even after you pulled the nails but the scars remain. In the same way when you're unloading your anger on someone, by trashing, abusing, you must remember that the feeling of hurt and scar remained in the mind of that person. Even you ask for forgiveness, wound of hurt and abuse remains alive and lived in their mind. Anger will be remembered forever. Therefore my son, do not ever do such a thing by heart, words or deeds in anger for which you may regret later."
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