Monday, May 23, 2016

Realize God Through Purity of Heart

Believe it that those seeking to do their own good at the cost of injury to another suffer from great delusion. One's true good and real welfare lies only when we do good and welfare of others. Hence before committing an act, examine carefully whether the effects of it will produce any harm to anybody at the same time. If it does not lead to others' good, then it cannot bring any blessing to you, withhold your hand from the act.
Believe it that the whole of this animate and inanimate world is a manifestation of God or that God alone permeates the wholet of it. Understanding this, ever try to render service to all to the best of your ability, according as it is due from you. Service is that which is pleasant as well as beneficial to the object of service. Reflect that when everything is God, or God is in everything, who can be a stranger to you?. All are but manifestations of the life of your life, your own beloved Lord and all are objects of your service. There can not be enemity and strife, hatred and malice, deceit and hypocrisy with any of them. There should not be any though of injury to them.
Believe that enemies like lust, anger, greed, delusion, arrogance, jealously, enmity, strife, pride, egoism etc, residing in the heart of one, who practices to see God in everything, die a natural death. Automatically one's heart gets filled up with the purest divine ideas and sentiments like sacrifice, forgiveness, contentment, discrimination, humility, delight and love, which act as the best and trust of friends.

Believe that God manifests Himself only in the heart, which is filled up with divine ideas and sentiments, it is in that centre alone that one obtains a vision of the Lord's enchanting and fascinating presence. So long as the heart is full of vices and evil thoughts, God cannot reveal Himself there.
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